25 January 2019

 Volcano El Teide - Cable car 

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Between the top things to do lists on Tenerife, published by many famous pages, you will find the Teide National Park. The biggest national park on the Canary Islands is a unique geological treasure  with the landscape of craters, volcanoes and rivers of petrified lava. The most exciting thing about the national park is for sure Teide Volcano that stands at 3.718m above sea level. As any other tourist visiting Tenerife, we agreed that seeing a volcano for the first time is a lifetime chance and a experience not to miss.

On the day of the trip, the weather was amazing, which made us even more excited about the trip. There are multiple ways to get close to the volcano. There are many available bus transports to the lower station of the Teide cable car, but we decided to drive there by car. The cable car station is located 2.356m above sea level and is easy to reach by road. It has a big parking, which you can use if you are driving with your own car.

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When you reach the cable car station and parking, you are able to decide if you want to proceed with a hiking trip or use the cable car. By being on a tight schedule, we decided for the faster way.

The station was very crowded, despite the fact that it wasn't the peak season on Tenerife. We recommend you to arrive there as early as you can to avoid waiting, taking in concern the cable car working schedule.

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We waited for about half an hour to enter the cable car, but we were very thrilled so the time went very fast. The staff of the cable car was also very friendly and patient. We kindly advise you to take some warm clothes with you because there is a big difference in temperature. The ride with the cable car lasted for about 10 minutes and you have to admire the landscape a little more. When we reached the upper station, the first thing we noticed was the cold wind blowing on us. It was really cold, at least for us because we didn't have hats, gloves etc. (kindly advised). From the top, you have to enjoy the beautiful view of Tenerife, the amazing landscape with sea and off course the volcano Teide.

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The Teide volcano cable car excursion is a marvellous trip that we recommend to every family, couple or every other tourist on Tenerife. It's not like you get the chance to see a volcano every day :)


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