6 January 2019

 The first whale watching experience (by iHoppers) 


On the Canary Island of Tenerife, there is a variety of multiple activities you can choose to do. On the top list of activities and trips, there are two things that are a absolute must if you visit Tenerife. Those things are the whale watching trip and the trip to Los Gigantes cliffs. We decided to join this two activities on a whale watching trip, which includes a boat ride in the very near distance of Los Gigantes cliffs, which is by far the closest you can get to the cliffs and observe them. We booked this trip www.iHoppers.com.

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www.iHoppers.com.offers a wide range of trips and activities on Canary Islands. The communication with the iHoppers in the agency was amazing, very responsive and helpful. We managed to book and arrange all the details from home, before our department to Tenerife Island. There is an option to choose between 3h and the extended VIP 4.5h boat trip. We decided for the longer VIP trip, because we had the time and we wanted to observe the whales and the cliffs closely for a longer period of time.


On the day of the trip, we walked to the Gala hotel located in Playa de Las Americas, whis was one of the many pickup points. The bus took us to Costa Adeje port, where the catamaran was waiting for us. The catamaran is called Freebird One and is a luxury catamaran designed only for the coastal conditions of Tenerife. It has two large decks and can fit up to 196 people. As we stepped on the catamaran, the boat staff took a picture of every member of the trip, which you can buy later as a souvenir. In the very next moment, the catamaran left the port, heading to the open sea.

The catamaran staff and the captain are really amazing and know their business. In about half an hour ride to the sea, we were already able to watch and observe the whales and the dolphins in their natural habitat. The pilot whale species is known to be a very social kind, which they proved by getting close just a few meters from the catamaran. The dolphins on the other hand, were not as close, but it was a marvelous experience to watch a pod of dolphins jumping out of the water and just having fun. There are many fishing boats on the Sea and the dolphins love the proximity of the boats because of the fish.


When we were done watching the whales and the dolphins, the captain started the engines and headed towards the giant cliffs called Los Gigantes. On the way there, there was lunch and drink served on the catamaran, which were both included in the price of the trip. The food was amazing and the staff really tried to satisfy every member of the trip.

When we arrived in the area where you could see the cliffs, the view was fascinating. The Los Gigantes cliffs rise from the sea and are about 500-800m tall, which is an amazing height and that  places them on the top of the most visited tourist attractions on Tenerife. The catamaran stopped in the bay of the Masca valley, from where you could admire the cliffs and take a swim. The water was very cold, so we decided to stay on the boat, while many other passengers decided to jump in the water.



The way back to the port was slow, relaxing, with the sun shining on us while we were enjoying sangria and champagne and listening to the music. The staff on the catamaran was fun, the managed to put on a show with singing and dancing and make a great majority of the passengers to dance and enjoy the ride. The mix of good food, drinks, relaxing music, the wind and the sun is perfect for enjoying the trip in it's finest. 

By managing to get two top tourist attractions in one package, the whale watching trip booked withwww.iHoppers.com   is perfect. We absolutelly recommend it to every tourist visiting Tenerife!

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