24 November 2018



While planning our trip to Madrid, we ran into an attraction we both agreed not to miss. Parque Warner Madrid  is a fun park, located on San Martin de la Vega, about 30km from city centre. Because of the public transport capabilities, we managed to get there in a really short time. When you step out of the train, there is a bus waiting, which will take you directly to the entrance of the park. On the day of our trip there, the park was very crowded, but the rows on attractions were not huge. The park is guided by a company called Parques Reunidos, which are the global operators of more than 60assets (fun parks, water parks etc.) spread over 3 continents and 14 countries across Europe.


The park is separated into 5 different themes: Hollywood Boulevard, Superheroes World, Movie World Studios, Old West Territory and Cartoon Village. With this theme selection, everyone from children to elderly people will find a corner for themselves. On the day of the visit everything in the park was inspired by Halloween. There were hundreds of masks and famous cartoon characters walking around the park, amusing people and taking pictures with them. The park offers a wide range of soft to intense attractions, famous character and stunt shows, shops and world known restaurants.


Despite my fear of tense rollercoaster rides, my boyfriend managed to convince me to drive on one of the fastest with 115km/h top speed, Stunt Fall. In the centre of the park stands the symbol of Warner Park, the highest and most known attraction, Venganza del Enigma. With 100m of height, it's really incredibly tall and when you look up there, your heart starts beating fast. We had the luck to catch the Gotham City stunt show, a show which included well known characters as Batman, Joker, Robin etc. Later that evening, the show called Crazy Police Academy stunt show took place. The show was inspired by a global known comedy movie Police Academy. Motorcycle stunts, drifting cars, cars driving on two wheels and many more. Really amazing!

The Warner Parque is definitely on my 5 best attractions list in Madrid.


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